The Beauty of Shutters

We are living in an age of increased customization. Our social media feeds, web searches, and music and video streaming platforms respond to our choices in order to bring us things that are tailored to our preferences. We are seeing a resurgence in things like personal stylist services and restaurants where you essentially build your own food. Now more than ever, Americans are craving things that are tailor made to us. So why do we still buy prefabricated window treatments so often? Here at Fullam’s Windows, we think that, if given the choice, everyone would love custom window coverings. If you don’t believe us, keep reading to learn three reasons why you need luxury custom plantation shutters for homes near Norwalk, Connecticut.

Custom Hunter Douglas Roman Shades for Homes Near Greenwich, Connecticut (CT), like Solera Cellular Window Treatment

#1- All windows are different

Go into any room in your home and look at your windows. They may all look to be the same shape and size, but frequently windows are not perfectly square or rectangular, which can make it difficult to find window treatments that fit. Luckily, with luxury custom plantation shutters, this is an issue of the past. When you choose to craft custom plantation shutters with the team at Fullam’s Windows, we will create your shutters specifically with the measurements of your windows in mind. Because of this, you can guarantee that in addition to being beautiful, your shutters will fit your windows like a glove.

#2- Quality craftsmanship

When you choose to purchase prefabricated window fashions for your home, it is entirely possible that the large companies who made them cut corners in order to produce the most window treatments for the lowest price in order to ensure the highest amount of profit. This is a cheap and easy way to do business, but we are truly passionate about luxury custom plantation shutters, so we still make our shutters the old-fashioned way. This means that they take longer to create, but we genuinely believe in the quality of the product that we make for each client. However, just because our shutters are old fashioned doesn’t mean they’re behind on the times: we use the most up to date technology possible to ensure that your shutters are both beautiful and sturdy.

#3- Our highly trained team

You may want luxury custom plantation shutters but worry that this undertaking will require a lot of work to get to the finished product. This is true, but almost all of the work is on our end, and we will be with you for every step of the process so that you are constantly involved in the creation of your dream plantation shutters. Not only is our team here to help, but we are also highly trained and incredibly knowledgeable in the craft of creating premium window fashions, so you will end up with a beautiful piece that was made uniquely for you and your home.


To learn more about luxury custom plantation shutters for homes near Norwalk, CT, contact Fullam’s Windows today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Norwalk, CT, but we also proudly serve all of Fairfield County, including Darien, New Canaan, Westport, Wilton, and Greenwich.