The Beauty of Organic

All it takes is a trip to an art museum to realize how beautiful the natural world is. Humanity has created a lot of incredible, inspiring things in our time, but it is difficult to match the simplicity and elegance of a tree, a flower, or a landscape. Because of this, it makes sense to want to bring the natural world into your home. However, if you have less than a green thumb, or live in a situation where indoor plants are not an ideal home décor option, that doesn’t mean that you cannot bring nature into your home at all. If you want a beautiful, low maintenance way to incorporate Mother Nature into your décor, then you will love reading more about our custom woven wood shades here at Fullam’s Windows!

Custom Woven Wood Shades for Home Windows Near New Canaan, Connecticut, (CT) like Bedroom Alustra Textures

An Intro to Woven Wood Shades

Woven wood shades are a unique window covering option that combines the convenience of a roller shade with the unmatched beauty of nature. Rather than being made from a traditional fabric or vinyl, custom Hunter Douglas woven wood shades are made from all-natural fibers, sourced from real reeds, woods, and grasses, and then woven together to create a window fashion that looks like nothing else on the market. Since all of the materials sourced are organic, no two woven wood shades are exactly the same, making them a perfect choice for any homeowner who wants to express their individuality with their window treatments. That is just one of the many benefits of custom woven wood shades!

Impeccable Light Control

While many window coverings provide light control, custom woven wood shades are unique in that they provide light control that is unlike any other shade. For example, most shades might provide total light blockage. However, the weave on a woven wood shade is intentionally loose to dapple the sunlight that comes through your windows rather than fully blocking it. Because of this, the effect of light that comes through your woven wood shades is similar to the dappled light that comes through trees in a forest. The effect is tranquil, calming, and will make any space in your home feel as serene as a spa.

Easy Operation

As mentioned previously, the woven wood fibers of these Hunter Douglas custom woven wood shades are mounted on your windows in a manner similar to a roller shade. Because of this, the woven wood fibers comprise a single piece that is then attached to a roller at the top of your window frame. To adjust the amount of light control and privacy you wish to receive from your woven wood shades, simply raise or lower them along the roller as you see fit. Additionally, if you would like to have woven wood shades that are even more convenient to use, you can also upgrade them to Hunter Douglas’s PowerView® motorization system to operate your windows via app, remote control, or with your voice.


To learn more about your options for Hunter Douglas custom woven wood shades, contact Fullam’s Windows today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Norwalk, CT, but we also proudly serve all of Fairfield County, including Darien, New Canaan, Westport, Wilton, and Greenwich.