After decades of wanting everything ready for us on the spot, custom-made items are seeing a resurgence in popularity as we enter into the new decade. The end of the 2010’s saw a return to the virtues of uniqueness and individuality, as well as an increased focus on quality over quantity. All of this means that consumers are clamoring for custom items, not cheaply made, readily available, prefabricated ones. This may make sense for things like clothing and shoes, but it is just as relevant with home décor as it is with any other time of goods you may be seeking out. And we think that there is no place that deserves customization more than your home’s window fashions. Keep reading to let the team at Fullam’s Windows tell you three reasons why you need custom luxury window treatments for homes near New Canaan, CT.


Custom Luxury Window Treatments for Homes Near New Canaan, Connecticut (CT) like Shades with PowerView Automation

Reason #1- They are truly custom

Some items are touted as being “custom-made” when really you are just picking a color or one aspect of design. Custom luxury window treatments from Hunter Douglas, however, are custom all the way down and don’t even exist until you put in an order for them. Working with our team of highly trained designers, we will take the measurements of your specific window, as well as take note of your unique design tastes, to craft a window covering that is perfect for you and your home, not the whims of the market at large. You can customize every aspect of your window fashions, from the material, to the light control, the operation, and more to achieve something that could only be made for you.

Reason #2- An ideal fit

Whether you’re shopping for jeans, shoes, or window coverings, there is no denying that trying to find the right fit from something you found at a store can be incredibly tough. This is why custom luxury window treatments from Hunter Douglas are made to order, and the measurements of your home’s windows are one of the major components we take into account. This means that your new window coverings will be a perfect fit for your windows, because they were made for your windows, not some mythical, perfectly even window that does not actually exist. This will not only ensure that your window fashions fit perfectly, but will also increase their longevity and ease of use.

Reason #3- Operation for every home

In an ideal world, window coverings would operate themselves. And while we might not live in an ideal world for everything, we do live in one for custom luxury window treatments. Hunter Douglas provides their customers with a wide selection of operation choices for their blinds and shades, so whether you choose to operate them by hand or upgrade them to use their PowerView® Automation system, we are sure that your new custom window fashions will be a perfect addition to your home and your lifestyle.

To learn more about custom luxury window treatments for homes near New Canaan, CT, contact Fullam’s Windows today! Our showroom is conveniently located in Norwalk, CT, but we also proudly serve all of Fairfield County, including Darien, New Canaan, Westport, Wilton, and Greenwich.