When choosing window treatments for your home, you should really consider blackout curtains and shades. Blackout shades provide a number of benefits, including limiting the sun’s impact on your furniture, your health, and your life, in general. We are here to offer some tips for choosing blackout curtains & shades for homes near Westport, Connecticut.

Blackout shades do a great job of keeping out the sun’s light, including the harmful UV rays that come along with the sun’s rays. This provides a number of benefits. First off, by doing away with the sun’s UV rays, you no longer have to deal with damage being caused to your furniture. These rays can severely deteriorate your furniture, especially by causing fading. Additionally, you may see deterioration to art and other valuables.

Choosing Blackout Curtains & Shades for Homes Near Westport, Connecticut (CT) like Sonnette Cellular for Bedrooms

Another thing that blackout shades help keep out is the impact on your health that is caused by UV rays. UV rays can cause painful headaches. You may not even realize the cause of the headaches you are having. You may also notice that your sleep is not as great as it could be. Blackout shades help you sleep so much better by blocking out light and excess noise from outside home that could be preventing you from getting the quality sleep you need to be the best you possible. By blocking out this light, your body will produce much more melatonin, which helps you sleep much better. You will notice a definite difference in your quality of sleep and feel much more well-rested.

Blackout shades also do a great job at keeping your home more insulated. They make drafty rooms much less drafty, making it more comfortable for you. Plus, you won’t have to worry so much about your energy bills every month since these shades make your home more energy efficient.

Another reason why these shades are so great for your home is that they make it easier to enjoy relaxing in your home. The sun can cause really obnoxious glare on televisions and metal appliances, which can add to your headaches that you may already be experiencing due to the sun’s UV rays. No longer will you have to worry about glare when you are trying to relax and enjoy a movie with your family.

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